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The increasing popularity of the Semantic Web drove to a wide-
spread adoption of Description Logics (DLs) for modeling real world domains.
To help the diffusion of DLs, a large number of reasoning algorithms have been
developed. Usually these algorithms are implemented in procedural languages
such as Java or C++. Most of the reasoners exploit the tableau algorithm
which features non-determinism, that is not easily handled by those languages.
Prolog directly manages non-determinism, thus is a good candidate for dealing
with the tableau's non-deterministic expansion rules.
We present TRILL, for "Tableau Reasoner for descrIption Logics in pro-
Log", that implements a tableau algorithm and is able to return explanations
for queries and their corresponding probability, and TRILLP , for "TRILL
powered by Pinpointing formulas", which is able to compute a Boolean for-
mula representing the set of explanations for a query. Reasoning on real world
domains also requires the capability of managing probabilistic and uncertain
information. We show how TRILL and TRILLP can be used to compute the
probability of queries to knowledge bases following DISPONTE semantics.
Experiments comparing these with other systems show the feasibility of the
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